John Moore

Owner / Proprietor

As a kid, John Moore’s dream was to play center field for the New York Yankees. In high school, he realized this was just a Walter Mitty fantasy – a fun one nonetheless – but moved from a path of becoming a baseball All-Star to path that led to a career in education. For 15 years, John was a professor of theology and the Bible before his career path took another turn and he attended law school. Still practicing today, John has spent the last 25 years as a licensed attorney in Oregon and Washington.

But as John’s interests are continually growing, in 2002, he saw the opportunity to purchase the property that is now Aurora Colony Vineyards and seized it. With his five grown children, John is proud of what this family effort and enterprise has grown into. His passion for wine, music and food are seen every day at the vineyards and are a perfect complement to the property’s history of being a part of the original Aurora Colony.

Vance Wilson


Chef Vance isn’t just a local, he came with the land when John purchased it! His parents and grandparents owned the land before Aurora Colony Vineyards was established, so he has wonderful stories about the farm and surrounding area. Vance knew he wanted to be a chef at a young age but decided to take the long route to get there. He started cooking with his grandmother and learned the down to earth cooking style that he prefers.

After traveling Asia and many other parts of the world, he stopped in Europe,  classically trained at The Cordon Bleu in Paris, and worked as a chef in Germany for 15 years. Now he brings his culinary magic to The Kitchen at Aurora Colony Vineyards – a place he calls home!

David Anderson


David Anderson, who was born in Eugene, Oregon, was working toward his degree in design in the early 1980s when he took a summer off to bicycle through Europe. The experience had a profound effect on his life – meeting new people, visiting wineries, museums, and cycling through beautiful countryside.

It was this experience that led him toward his path in the wine industry. Now with 20 years of extensive study and winery experience including work in Oregon, California and New Zealand, David brings his incredible winemaking skills to Aurora Colony Vineyards.

His approach or philosophy to winemaking starts in the vineyard – healthy vines and correct grape yields makes for better juice and wine.

“As a winemaker, my work is part science and part artist. We work with mother nature to ripen grapes and capture the flavors of this unique vineyard. From vineyard to bottle every harvest is like a new adventure with a lot of fun and hard work. Much of the artistic part comes from integrating different techniques which affect wine style and taste. I look forward to seeing you in our tasting room, come raise a glass a enjoy our chef-prepared foods. Cheers!” – David

Kelly Trout

Wine Club Manager / Tasting Room Manager

Kelly Trout has been an incredible asset to Aurora Colony Vineyards since she started in 2017. Her love of wine began many years ago, and she now has an extensive collection of Oregon wines.

Her love of food and wine makes for a natural fit in our Tasting Room and kitchen. Kelly has a great wine palette and is part of a team which assists our winemaker on barrel selection.

Sherri Wells

Venue Coordinator

Sherri has been working with at ACV since September 2018. She moved to Oregon seven years ago from Little Rock, Arkansas, where she had been an account executive in the logistics and transportation industry for 35 years. She moved to Oregon to marry a wonderful man from Portland who works for Renaissance Homes.

She first visited ACV on one of her and her husband’s weekly wine tasting tours. They loved the wine so much that they signed up for the Wine Club that day (they were Bailey’s first wine club sign up!). After talking with Bailey, she mentioned that she’d love to work at a winery. As it happened, ACV was hiring! Bailey handed her an application, and the rest is history!

Bailey Aldrich

Venue Coordinator

Bailey Aldrich has been at ACV since September 2018 and has been a great addition to our Tasting Room staff, helping out at special events and with food and wine service. Bailey is originally from Southern Oregon, is a student at Portland State University in the Child, Youth & Family Studies program, and plans on being a teacher after graduation.

A fun fact about Bailey is that she was crowned Miss Marion-Polk County 2019 and competed in the Miss Oregon scholarship competition.

“I love working at ACV.” “I enjoy the environment and the people I get to meet. I learn new things every day from the people I interact with and those I work with. I love that you never really stop learning about wine because it is not ever the same. It is unique and an experience in itself.”

Kaylee Nelson

Tasting Room Lead

Kaylee Nelson started working in the ACV Tasting Room in April 2019. Kaylee and her fiancee visited ACV on a Friday evening intending to just enjoy a tasting on the patio but got to talking with staff and learned we were hiring. She came in the following Thursday to apply and started that next Sunday!

She says she always wanted to work at a vineyard but the timing was never right – until now.

During the week, Kaylee is a middle school teacher in Salem who teaches career technical education classes. She taught high school math and business courses prior to her current position. Kaylee loves photography and travel and got engaged this past January in Cabo.

“My favorite thing about working at ACV is the awesome staff and getting to interact with all of the people that come to visit.”

Toby Wolfe

Marketing & Distribution Manager

Bio Coming Soon!


A true gem in the Willamette Valley, Aurora Colony Vineyards offers guests the opportunity to revive their senses through great wine, amazing food and live music - all while enjoying our beautiful property.
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